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Next ODC coming Sunday! written by twister, 2010-02-09 20:15 CET (0 comments)

This sunday we will host a RTCW one day cup. If it turns out to be a success I'd be happy to host it on regular basis. I hope they will be used for preparation to the next cup that is coming in march after CIC7 =)

Game: Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Date: 09-02-2009
Format: 6vs6

Map Pool

Single Elimination
Maps played in AB mode
Maps are selected the following way: Higher seed eliminates a map, lower seed eliminates a map, higher seed choses a map, lower seed choses a map. The remaining map is played as decider. Example:

118 play cky
118 eliminate village
cky eliminate beach
118 chose escape
cky chose ice
-> 1st map escape, 2nd map ice (decider: frostbite)

1st Round Start: 19:30
Semi finals: 20:30
Finals: 21:30

One representitive of every team has to be in #rtcw-cup by the time the cup begins.

Note: CD-Key is required to participate in the cup, due to lack of cracked servers!

Eclectic win! written by twister, 2009-07-10 00:39 CEST (0 comments)

Unfortunately only 4 teams made it but it was still fun and some good games.

1st Eclectic (abort,mata,kris,phate,dictator,molopää)

2nd Xeimos (crmbs,koni,playa,mirage,zero,ankel)
3rd Indomitus (twister,oranje,mouly,cliffdark,virus,art)
4th Buttpirates (kylie,def,cal,womby,voice,satanclaus)

6 v 6 One Day Cup written by twister, 2009-07-07 19:13 CEST (1 comments)

Thursday 09.07.09

1st round: mp_ice, mp_sub - 21:00
2nd round: mp_village, te_frostbite - 22:00
3rd round: mp_beach, mp_assault - 23:00

1 Group, everyone plays everyone

2 Maps, no decider - Maps played in ABBA mode - Higher seed chooses whether to attack or defend first.

Representatives of every team have to be in the #clanbase.rtcw channel at 20:45.

seeds raw>xei>ind>butt
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